Pirate Fiesta and Harlem Halloween

The beaming smiles of these youngsters tell the story of the fun 
they're having aboard the Pirate Fiesta.

A strong little man give the Pirate Fiesta a good pull.

Yo Ho Ho, the Pirate Fiesta is fun to ride.   

The crew pulls the ship through the waters of 129th St.

Captain Albie and First Mate Vanessa with her pirate face paint 
done by one of the smallest crew.

Pirate Fiesta Maker Faire

The Pirate Fiesta is pleased to announce that the crew one a Maker's Faire
Editor's Choice award for the ship and it's interactivity.

Here the kids have taken over the ship from the adults.

Ben Wood leads the kids through his young adults Hero's Journey.

The crew of the Pirate Fiesta meets the
Tornado Intercept Vehicle as seen on TV and in the movie
Storm Chasers.

City of Water Day Treasure Hunt

For the July 12thCity of Water Day event on Governor's Island,we created a Sacred Oath and Treasure Hunt. Over 160 participants took the challenge.  

This young pirate completed the Treasure Hunt challenge with her father. 
They smartly cover up their notes.

Time for a ride aboard the Pirate Fiesta with Piratina as Captain.

Pirate Chef Alchemy leads some little pirates in a game of Hook-N-Treasure.


Mott Hall II Benefit 2014

We raised money for the Mott Hall 2 PTA with Pirate Fiestas newest challenge, Hook-N-Treasure.
We have found many NYC children have never fished before, and the hand eye coordination 
of managing the pole, the length of the fishing line, and the movement of the hook 
was challenging and rewarding for the kids.